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Our Team

We understand that buying or selling your home is serious business. Our expert agents are the face of The Bloom Realty Group. They are dedicated to meeting all your property needs. Find the perfect expert for you today.


Stephanie Evans

Broker In Charge

Born as an army brat in Fort Dix, New Jersey, Stephanie later moved to North Carolina as a child with her family following her father's departure from the military. She spent her formative years in McDowell County's school system and then later went on to give back to that same school community as an Art Teacher for several years.


Stephanie is no stranger to adversity; from balancing years of work as a single mother of three small children (including 1 set of twins) to more recently a series of health obstacles, Stephanie has encountered and overcome numerous challenges in her life.


Today, with a fierce passion for her family, people and civil justices coupled with her vast knowledge and experience in all things home from demolition and renovation to style and decor', Stephanie has followed her dream of creating her own path and co-founded The Bloom Realty Group with her husband, Terry. 

Stephanie is devoted to making home buying/selling an enjoyable experience for her clients by committing her time to making personal connections and providing community resources that are pertinent to the process. She is an integral part of her community and she is proud to work with all people.

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